• Thank you so much for such a warm welcome to your beautiful studio ❤️

    Elizabeth K. Avatar
    Elizabeth K.

    Felt amazing to be back love yall

    Claire M. Avatar
    Claire M.

    Just a wonderful place to learn to dance. The owners and dance instructors are wonderful and you get treated like family! It doesn’t matter if you go there as a... read more

    Alexandra W. Avatar
    Alexandra W.

    Super awesome friendly people. And the dance floor is great. Music is great and the instructors are very very good! There is something for every level.

    Jewell C. Avatar
    Jewell C.
  • Owners and instructors are magnificent. Everyone is there to make your experience entertaining and enjoyable. I love being part of their dancing family.

    Dan S. Avatar
    Dan S.

    The instructors are great. They make it fun and easy to learn how to dance.

    Keathel C. Avatar
    Keathel C.

    Very nice place. Great people.

    Jewell C. Avatar
    Jewell C.

    such a great place to learn. I had my first lesson today and John is PHENOMENAL!!!!! can't wait for my first group lesson and social this Friday. ¡Hasta al viernes!

    Mac C. Avatar
    Mac C.